We aim to increase awareness and understanding of MPNs, to support MPN patients, and to advocate on behalf of the Australian MPN community.

By sharing information and providing vital links to MPN resources, organisations and support we aim to benefit newly diagnosed and existing patients and their families.

MPN patient quality of life is central to everything we do. Together, we strive to advocate for access to emerging treatments as well as contribute toward research to aid in the search for answers and a cure.

The MPN AA and the Leukaemia Foundation have collaborated to establish a dedicated MPN fund. The fund was established by donations from the MPN community and the general public and will be used to support activities of the MPN AA, primarily funding MPN research.


The blood drop references the group of blood cancers that are Myeloproliferative Neoplasms. The concentric drops represent the three classic diseases of PV, ET and MF, whilst encompassing the rarer forms within. Orange uplifts, encourages and gives confidence to be empowered when making health related decisions.

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