Some detailed articles on specific MPN treatments are outlined below.

All MPNs

Polycythemia vera and Essential thrombocythemia

These include information about when to start treatment, and evidence on efficacy of Hydroxycarbamide (hydroxyurea) versus Interferon Alpha (pegasys).  


Myelofibrosis Stem Cell Transplant information


Management of MPN in pregnant patients

  • Best practice recommendations for the management of MPN in pregnant patients, courtesy of MPN Hub, 2021
    (Please note that these are not Australian guidelines and local Australian practices may differ.)
  • How interferon works in MPN patients, November 2022, courtesy of MPN Advocacy and Education International
    This is a video presentation and Q and A session with Dr Gaby Hobbs, MPN specialist, Clinical Director of Leukemia Service at Massachusetts General Hospital and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. This is wide-ranging and includes considerations physicians take into account about using interferon in pregnancy (35 mins in).

Possible future treatments via targeted therapies – may not yet be available in Australia

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