BREAKING NEWS: PBAC has recommended the government change the listing for Pegasys® to UNRESTRICTED ACCESS

Dear Friends,

Roche phoned me today to announce the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) recommended in it’s November 2017 meeting that the Government change the PBS listing for Pegasys to UNRESTRICTED ACCESS, to enable MPN patients to obtain Pegasys on the PBS (and also other blood cancers, such as myeloma and lymphoma.) The PBAC November meeting recommendations were published today online. (See page 13).

The next step in the process is for the PBS and Roche to negotiate and agree on a price for the Australian Government to pay Roche for Pegasys to be on the PBS for MPN. Once this agreement has been finalised, Pegasys will be listed on the PBS for MPN and patients will pay $36.00 per script instead of about $1800.00 per script. Roche were unable to give me an exact time frame for when we can expect
to have Pegasys listed on the PBS for MPN, but I was reassured Roche and the PBS are working hard towards this end. Given the time of the year, it’s likely to be a couple of months delay over the holiday period until this work can resume, and then a bit longer to wait until it is actually on the PBS.

I have been campaigning to have Pegasys on the PBS for MPN since 2011 by contacting Roche Products, my local MP, Josh Frydenberg, the Health Minister and the PBAC. In Nov 2016 I wrote a submission to Prof. Andrew Wilson, Chair of the PBAC after meeting him in Canberra at the Rare Cancers Australia forum earlier that year, and explaining to him the unmet need of MPN patients to treat their disease
with Pegasys. Following this meeting, I wrote my PBAC submission on Pegasys for MPN, (which included extensive references to published literature on Pegasys for MPN). Before logding my PBAC submission, I sought advice from several haematologists who reviewed my  submission. The Health Minister and Prof. Wilson wrote back to me in early 2017, advising my submission had been accepted for
consideration. The issue was then considered at the March, August and Nov 2017 PBAC meetings. In the meantime, I have been in contact the Roche Products throughout the process. Thank you to all who submitted consumer comments via the PBAC online portal, in support of my submission to Prof. Wilson, Chair of the PBAC. Our voices have been heard and history has been made! Hurray!!!

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year in 2018, in which specialists in Australia will be able to prescribe Pegasys for their MPN patients via the PBS, and patients will only need to pay the PBS amount of $36.00 per script.

Kind regards,  Nathalie Cook

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