Iron link offers new treatment hope for incurable blood cancer

Read more about the newly published findings on an iron link which offers a new treatment hope for polycythaemia vera.

“A landmark discovery linking iron regulation to a rare blood cancer has led to clinical trials of a potential new treatment for patients with the incurable disease.

The study focused on polycythemia vera (PV), a blood disorder causing excessive red blood cells, and found that restricting iron access to the bone marrow could reduce the production of red blood cells in this disease.

The research, led by WEHI (the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research) in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the University of Cambridge and Silence Therapeutics (UK), has led to new clinical trials of a drug that has the potential to control iron regulation in patients with PV.”

A link to the WEHI news release is HERE.

The Blood journal article referred to in the above news article is HERE.



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