MPN patients are at a higher risk than others for developing blood clots.

How to recognise if you have developed a blood clot.
Signs and symptoms of blood clots (Pictorial, courtesy of ‘Stop the Clot’)

The Thrombosis and Haemostatis society of Australia and New Zealand as well as the Clinical Excellence Commission in NSW  have developed some patient resources.

    1. Blood clot prevention
      How to prevent a blood clot developing
    2. Further blood clots – prevention
      How to prevent another clot developing 
    3. More information about the different types of clots.
      Deep vein thrombosis
      Pulmonary embolism
      Splanchnic vein thrombosis  (an article about MPNs and splanchnic vein thrombosis)
    4. Travel and preventing blood clots
      Practical in flight fitness tips to help avoid blood clots (courtesy of ‘Stop the Clot’)


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