Momelotinib: an emerging treatment for myelofibrosis patients with anaemia

A phase 3 clinical trial has been underway for myelofibrosis patients who are symptomatic, suffer from anaemia and have been previously treated with a Jak inhibitor. The trial was using the drug Momelotinib.

Findings just released on 25 January this year are very encouraging.  Momelotinib achieved statistically significant benefit on symptoms, anaemia and spleen size.
The trial, undertaken by drug company Sierra Oncology, is a global, randomized, double-blind clinical trial evaluating momelotinib in 195 myelofibrosis patients.

Access to the full report of the trial is available HEREThe full data set will be presented at an upcoming medical meeting which we will also publish once available.

Ruben Mesa, MPN specialist  and co-principal investigator of the study said that “As a clinician, I am thrilled to see data that confirm the potential of momelotinib as a treatment option for myelofibrosis patients who are anaemic or at risk of becoming anaemic,”  “Anaemia of myelofibrosis is strongly correlated with reduced quality of life and a decrease in overall survival. Half of all myelofibrosis patients present with anaemia at diagnosis and virtually all become anaemic over time. With currently approved therapies being myelosuppressive, it’s wonderful to know that we may soon have such an effective treatment option for these patients.”

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