MPN AA funded projects

Since the establishment of the original MPN dedicated fund in the Leukaemia Foundation in 2014, a significant amount of research has been supported by the MPN AA, thanks to generous donations from MPN patients and their families and friends.

$20,000 2018 MPN interferon initiative, Dr Steven Lane and team, Qld Institute of Medical Research
$35,000 2019 MPN research: how MPNs transform to leukaemia, Dr Steven Lane and team, Qld Berghofer Institute of Medical Research
$15,000 2019 Translational Cancer Pathology Research, Professor Wendy Erber and team,  University of WA
$10,000 2019 Iron deficiency treatment for PV patients, led by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (drug SLN124 now in clinical trials)
$10,000 2020 Cancer atlas team towards work for inclusion of MPNs in Australian Cancer Atlas, Dr Peter Baade,Queensland Cancer Council, Prof Lin Fritschi, Curtin University
$ 5,000 2020-2022 Translations of patient MPN treatment documents into Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese
$30,000 2022 Engineering and Pre-Clinical Validation of CALR+ directed CAR-T cells,
(Fellowship to Chloe-Thompson Peach at the South Australian Medical Research Institute)

Future funding for MPN research

Since the MPN AA started in 2014 we have seen a significant increase in MPN research both in Australia and internationally.
MPN research is now flourishing worldwide  An example is the most recent American Society of Hematology conference in December 2022 where over 200 research papers and trials were presented.

The MPN AA has decided it is the right time to shift our focus and efforts instead on providing evidence based, up to date information and support to patients via the MPN AA website.  This means we will no longer be seeking donations and, in conjunction with the Leukaemia Foundation, we are finalising the last allocations of the MPN fund to research.

Our final research funding amount will be allocated in 2023/24 in collaboration with the Leukaemia Foundation.
The Leukaemia Foundation will retain a small ‘float’ for the MPN AA website and related expenses into the future.

Where to donate for Australian MPN research?

There are many Australian research experts in the field who carefully evaluate research funding proposals for MPNs.
People wishing to donate to MPN research can choose from many high calibre research bodies who have researchers working on MPNs.
To ensure the donation is well targeted, we recommend that you state that you would like your donation to be used for MPN research.

A few are listed below, but the list is not exclusive.  We will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

Australian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group

Leukaemia Foundation of Australia  – national research program

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Australian Centre for Blood Diseases

QIMR Berghofer 

Australian Cancer Atlas team

South Australian Medical Research Institute (SAMRI)

University of Western Australia -Translational Cancer Pathology Research

Australian National University – John Curtin School of Medical Research



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