MPN AA Update

On Monday 8 August 2016, members of the MPN AA attended a meeting with other advocates and stakeholders within the MPN Community, hosted by the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia in Brisbane. The meeting was chaired by Bill Petch, LFA CEO, assisted by Anna Williamson, Head of Research and Advocacy, Anthony Steele, Head of Blood Cancer Support, and Barbie Hartigan, Blood Cancer Support from LF Queensland Office. We were also very fortunate to have Dr Cecily Forsyth, Haematologist from Gosford NSW in attendance.

The aim of the meeting was to bring together interested parties to work towards a cohesive plan to improve the lives of MPN patients in Australia, identifying priorities, gaps, and a wish list.

We thank the Leukaemia Foundation for their generous hospitality and support for the meeting, and for their willingness to engage with the MPN Community to discuss the ongoing issues of MPN patients whose needs are different from those with acute blood cancers.

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms are rare and incurable. However, for the thousands of people that live with these chronic blood cancers, the challenges are very real.

We very much look forward to working together with other stakeholders into the future.

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