MPN Horizons Conference for patients 2023 – videos available

Every year, the international MPN Advocates Network holds an MPN patient conference featuring many international MPN experts discussing the latest developments in MPN management.
The videos include:

  • New Challenges in Diagnosing MPN
  • Diagnostic Criteria for ET, PV & MF, biological aspects
  • New learnings in diagnostics, CHIP
  • How does a genetic understanding of MPNs affect prognosis for patients? Prognosis between ET, PV & MF
  • The Complexity and Combinations in Treating MPNs
  • PV – What is the current standard of treatment?
  • MF – Combinations in treatment
  • ET – The future of treatment
  • Cardiovascular risk factors in MPN patients
  • Special Problems in MPNs
  • The growing complexity of MPN mutations
  • How to talk to patients about MPN?
  • Special cases: skin cancers & thrombosis

All these videos as well as fascinating discussions about MPN advocacy and Q&A sessions are available HERE.

With thanks to the MPN Advocates Network.

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