Myelofibrosis treatments – real world findings from the UK

Some of the UK’s leading MPN haematologists have published results of a retrospective real-world study of current treatment pathways for myelofibrosis (MF) in the United Kingdom.
The study is published in the Journal ‘Therapeutic Advances in Hematology’.

The abstract summary explains:
‘These results provide insight into real-world clinical practice for patients with MF in the United Kingdom. Despite the known high prevalence of disease-associated symptoms in MF, symptoms were poorly documented. Most patients were initially observed or received hydroxycarbamide, and ruxolitinib was used as first-line management strategy in only a minority of patients.’
And, further…..

‘The results of this study suggest that medical records can be missing key information, which is needed to decide which is the best way to treat a patient with myelofibrosis. They also suggest that clinicians in the UK prefer observation to treatment for a large number of patients with myelofibrosis. This could mean that the approach used for many patients with myelofibrosis does not help them to control symptoms that have an impact on their daily lives.’

The full paper is available HERE.

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