Phase III study of Momelotinib launched to evaluate efficacy in myelofibrosis patients

Myelofibrosis patients may be interested to know that the pharmaceutical company Sierra Oncology has announced the global launch of the new phase III MOMENTUM clinical trial.
This trial is evaluating the efficacy of momelotinib, a JAK1, JAK2 and ACVR1 inhibitor, versus active comparator danazol in patients with symptomatic and anaemic myelofibrosis.

There are Australian sites in Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth – see Australian clinical trials database for further information. (We suggest searching with myeloproliferative neoplasms in the keyword category).

If you think that this clinical trial might be appropriate for you, we strongly suggest that you discuss this matter in detail with your haematologist to explore whether or not it would be suitable for your circumstances.
Read more about clinical trials here.




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