Second versus first wave of COVID in MPN patients

European haematologists have been undertaking ongoing studies of MPN patients who have contracted COVID.  This study covers the second COVID wave of 304 MPN COVID cases from 39 different hematology centres.  Their findings are outlined in just released (January 2022) correspondence in the International Journal ‘Leukemia’.  Importantly, they found a relatively higher risk from COVID for patients over 70, more thromboses in ET patients and a need for permanent surveillance of MPN patients who have survived the acute phase of a COVID infection.

‘Patients of the second wave presented, compared to those of the first, with a less severe disease, including a lower degree of inflammation, leading to hospitalization in a smaller percentage of cases. Overall, the mortality rate was significantly lower, likely due to early COVID-19 diagnosis, facilitated by the greater availability of swabs than in the first wave, more efficient management of infected patients, better prepared health systems and preferential protection of older and higher-risk MPN vulnerable subjects.’

‘However, patients over 70 years still presented with an excess of mortality, particularly when associated with comorbidities and an MF phenotype. Unfortunately, no data are available so far in our series to support a role of vaccinations. The high thrombosis rate in patients with ET was confirmed, suggesting that in this MPN phenotype regimens of antithrombotic prophylaxis in addition to heparin should be explored. Also in the second wave, but to a lesser extent than in the first, the health consequences of COVID-19 protracted far beyond acute infection, suggesting careful and permanent surveillance of patients with MPN who have survived the acute phase of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection.’

The full article has been made available HERE.



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