MPN AA and the Leukaemia Foundation collaborated to stage this very successful MPN patient information event at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, attended by 60 patients and family members.
MPN AA is very grateful on behalf of MPN patients for the great job done by Greg Zotos from the Leukaemia Foundation, and also Madeline Thompson on the day.  The presentations were great.
  • Dr Renee Eslick spoke very informatively about “Diagnosis of MPN”.
  • Dr Cecily Forsyth spoke about “Optimal Management of MPN in Australia”, covering the latest research on how MPN patients should be managed, but acknowledging the shades of grey that exist, and the need to treat each patient as an individual.
  • Sue McConaghy, a psychologist, spoke on the topic “This is Not the Life I Ordered”, providing ideas about strategies and tools we could use to help manage unwelcome and unplanned events in our lives.
  • Dr Carmel Sullivan spoke about how yoga could enhance our physical and mental health and quality of life.
Videos of the two haematologists’ talks are available, as are powerpoints from all four speakers.

WATCH: Dr Cecily Forsyth’s “Optimal Management of MPN in Australia”,  including the powerpoint presentation.

READ: Sue McConaghyThis is not the life I ordered – living with an MPN

READ:  Dr Carmel Sullivan – The health benefits of yoga

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