Interferons in MPNs: a conversation with an MPN specialist

Anne Brazeau, the founder and CEO of MPN Education and Advocacy International has kindly made available an excellent wide ranging video about interferon use in MPNs.

  • The video showcases a presentation about interferons by Gabby Hobbs, MPN specialist and Clinical Director of Leukemia Service at Massachusetts General Hospital as well as being an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School.
  • Dr Hobbs discusses issues that haematologists take into account when considering interferon use in pregnancy. (35 minutes into the video).
  • Dr Hobbs also responds to a range of questions from MPN patients about interferon.

Note that while the video refers often to Besremi which is a longer acting pegylated interferon available in the USA, Europe, and some other countries, Pegasys is also a long acting interferon and Australians are extremely fortunate that it is available on Australia’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

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