When did I acquire my MPN?

Dr Jyoti Nangalia and a team of researchers from the Wellcome Sanger institute and Cambridge University in the UK will be presenting some fascinating findings at this years virtual American Society of Hematology (ASH) meeting.

Extensive genetic mapping by the team finds that MPNs “originate from driver mutation acquisition very early in life, even before birth, with life-long clonal expansion and evolution, establishing a new paradigm for blood cancer development. Early detection of mutant-JAK2 together with determination of clonal expansion rates could provide opportunities for early interventions aimed at minimising thrombotic risk and targeting the mutant clone in at risk individuals.”

Information about this presentation is available HERE courtesy of MPN Hub.

Dr Ann Mullally’s lab in the US has recently announced similarly fascinating findings. This research which further explores the cellular origins and development of mutations giving rise to JAK2 and MPNs, provides further evidence that mutations can develop decades prior to clinical presentation of MPNs, and can arise from a single hematopoietic stem cell.

More information on this important research is available HERE


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